Glenwood Soccer Club

Coach Policy/ Coach Responsibilities


1. Your players have more need for example than for criticism.  Attempt to relieve the pressure of the competition not increase it.  Your players are easily affected by outside influences.

2. Be kind to your player’s parents.   Parents may not know the sport of soccer very well and you may face questions and concerns from them.

3. The opponents are necessary friends; without them your team could not participate

4. Applaud good plays by your team and by members of the opposing team.

5. Do not openly question an official’s judgment and honesty.  Officials are symbols of fair play, integrity, and sportsmanship.

6. Accept the results of each game.  Encourage your team to be gracious in victory, and to turn defeat into victory by working toward improvement.

7. Remember your players are involved in organized sports for their enjoyment, not yours.

8. Encourage your team to always play by the rules.

9. Teach your players that honest effort is as important as victory so that the result of each game is accepted without undue disappointment.

10.  Glenwood Soccer Club (GSC) coaches are expected to treat opposing coaches, athletes, parents and referees with kindness and respect.

11.  Use appropriate language during practice and games.


Coaches for the Glenwood Soccer Club are generally the first witness to violations of the Code of Conduct, by both player and parent.  It is then their responsibility to end such behavior as it occurs and to report unwanted behaviors to the appropriate board members.   Each coach is therefore asked to read and understand the Glenwood Soccer Club Code of Conducts and the consequences as they relate to continued violations. 

Coaches are awarded the right to remove any player, parent or spectator from a practice or a game when they feel that that person is acting violation of the Code of Conduct.  If that person refuses to leave when asked, coaches may suspend practice or, in a game situation, ask that the referees present issue a warning to the parent or spectator.  In the event that either of these actions becomes necessary, coaches are asked to contact a member of the board as soon as possible with the following information:  

  1. When the incident occurred
  2. The parties involved 
  3. Description of the incident 
  4. Actions taken 

Members of the board will then address the situation with the person involved and will update the coach as necessary.  

I agree to: 

  • follow the code of conduct, coach responsibilities and policies set forth by the GSC and the Iowa Soccer Association, and if applicable, the Soccer League in which our travel teams play.
  • advocate for my team’s compliance with player/parent codes of conduct, and policies set forth by the GSC and the Iowa Soccer Association. 
  • communicate to the GSC regarding issues of non-compliance by player, parent or another coach and to immediately report any behavioral violations and/or other matters that may jeopardize the team or the GSC.

The Glenwood Soccer Club board has the right to dismiss a coach from their coaching duties if they feel the coach has not adhered to the coach code of conduct and responsibilities.

 Version January 2021