Glenwood Soccer Club Travel Uniform Policy

Mission Statement:

The players of Glenwood Soccer Club, through our uniform and logo, will positively represent GSC at home or away games and tournaments.  All Travel teams, to ensure personal, Team and Club pride and unity, will wear the Adidas uniform chosen by the Board, for all NYSL scheduled games, or for any GSC-sponsored events.

Glenwood Soccer Club Travel Uniform Policy:

  • All Travel teams at Glenwood Soccer Club may only wear uniforms and accessories that have been previously approved by the Board.
  • The GSC Board has selected Adidas uniforms as the standard uniform kit for ALL Travel Teams between U09-U14. No other kits or alternate packages will be allowed without prior approval.
  • Uniforms for ALL Travel Teams in U15-U19 will consist of a set of home and away jerseys that are part of the Adidas uniform kit. Standard black shorts and socks (not part of the uniform kit) can be worn as an option to purchasing the full uniform kit.
  • The Board may change/adjust the approved uniform kit as it deems necessary, however due to the need for long-term consistency, the Board should only approve changes due to Adidas style changes or major failure on the part of Adidas.
  • It is the goal of the Board to have a two-year cycle (4 seasons) before changing Travel uniform styles.
  • No Glenwood Soccer Club Travel team will be allowed to post any team sponsors/donation logos on their Club uniforms at any time.
  • No GSC team will be allowed to self produce Glenwood Soccer Club branded apparel or accessories at any time without the approval of the Board.
  • Being shirtless or wearing only a sports bra is not allowed for any length of time at GSC sponsored events. This applies while at the GSC fields for practices and games.
  • Anything with racial or ethnic slurs, or profanity of any kind is prohibited at the soccer complex, practice fields or any games.
  • When there is a color conflict and you are the home team, then the alternate GSC game jersey should be worn.
  • The jersey color will be designated by the coach for each event. Player’s should have the opposite color jersey with them at ALL games.
  • Game jersey must be fully tucked in at all times.

Teams/Players have the discretion of wearing jerseys, shorts or socks other than the Adidas kit during “off season” tournaments or games that GSC is not sponsoring or scheduled by NSYL.

Version 1/1/2020